Thursday, 26 September 2013

Positive and Negative


The Bald eagle is one of the most magnificent birds around. You notice due it protection by 
the US government and being the US national treasure. The Bald Eagle is there to signify the power and
the drive of the American institution. America for a long time has been one of the worlds most powerful nation. It's dominance in it's environment is one that matches America's dominance in today's world.


This image tells a story itself. Arguably one of the most tragic incidents in American and world history, and the fact that it was just over a decade ago makes it even more poignant. This is an obvious negative as the alleged effects of this incident are still going on to date. With troops still fighting in Afghanistan despite the assassination of Osama Bin-Laden and the constant conspiracy stories circulating the web. The effects of this incident will still be felt for years to come.

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