Thursday, 5 December 2013 I choose the Christmas M&S advert because it is advertising M&S the branding. The advert itself is a consumer culture as it makes the audience desire the clothes that are being advertised in the trailer. The trailer uses many methods to get its point across like celebrity endorsement which will make the audience want to buy the things that are in the advert. But by showing the clothes in a fairy-tale like world it is expressing a differentuality to the audience by saying if they buy these clothes from this brand they will feel like they are in a fairy tale and have the chances of meeting there prince charming. The value of the advertisement is to maybe show the male generation some clothes that they would possible buy for their girlfriends or wives. The branding is known world wide so when they see the iconic symbol in the corner they know exactly where to go to buy these products, the adverts are like advertising for Christmas shopping due to it’s theme. The brand even gives itself a more Christmas name “magic and sparkle” which is still similar to it’s actual branding (M&S).

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