Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Jersey Shore... The Modern Gatsby?

Day time on the Jersey Shore coast line of New Jersey is a place for young families, fun, sand and sea, a place for indulgence and a great place to let your hair down... until night fall and then it becomes a mixture of sex, drinks, parties and fights which I believe is the new Gatsby. The one thing we must highlight before I go any further is that Gatsby is fiction which touches on the realities of middle class America however this is a reality show and although some of the scenes may be cut out as they are not very dramatic, the clips I am about to show you are completely real and did happen.

First of all I aim to talk about the alcoholism, the key to America has been through alcoholism, Gatsby era found itself in a prohibition where the country seemed to be within a meltdown, we can see in Jersey shore however that alcoholism is also a meltdown, 50% of the members of the cast have been arrested for being 'drunk and disorderly.' It is shown through a negative portrayal of alcohol in both that alcohol is a problem that is as much at large as Gatsby era and has the same effect, the parties may seem glitzy and enjoyable but when you scratch the surface there is nothing but problems in alcoholism.

Secondly, fights and anger seems to be a trait that comes hand and hand with a party life style, we see in Gatsby, Gatsby starts to lose his mind and also his temper and loses his polite reputation, although we know through bad press that this is not similar to Jersey shore, the amount of fights of passion through drunken and adrenaline filled nights end very badly and make them all lose out. At the end of the day, most have a horrific reputation and have received bad names for themselves, just like Gatsby did when he lost his temper. 

Finally, a relationship, the next clip is very uncomfortable as I would not expect any acts of abuse to be televised on air, but the relationship of 'Sammy' and 'Ronnie' was a whirlwind of anger, because of their party lifestyle they could not communicate properly as a couple. Also when they got mad, they got very mad, because alcoholism heightened their arguments, an abusive relationship was formed. This could be seen as similar to Gatsby, of course, the representation of a man having a physical control over a female at this time was normal where it seems very uncomfortable to see now in a modern setting, there are similarities between the relationships in Gatsby too.

In conclusion, I feel like the modern day Great Gatsby is Jersey shore, it shows the issues of 'high living' and alcohol and shows the demise in a persons reputation and their relationship with others. Although Jersey Shore is very dramatic and entertaining to witness, we cannot hide the underlying issues that lie within allowing a lot of the abuse and fights to be aired. We can argue that Americans may be very similar to those of Gatsby era however with the development in society in the meantime it is shocking to see that there has been very little development in morals, and even perhaps even less morals to begin with.

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