Saturday, 11 January 2014

American Studies Blog Week 11

Research, post and analyse any advertisement or commercial for a contemporary consumer item in the USA (for instance, food, a gadget, clothing, an ornament, etc.) Pay special attention to the “values” the item claims to hold as American.

This video by the Italian Car Company Fiat attempts to sell its product as something “American” by portraying it as being representative of the Italian immigrant settlers who arrived in America, beginning with Columbus and continuing in greater numbers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, thus making it appealing to the audience on the grounds that it is a product synonymous with their identity and cultural heritage. Though the title “Immigrants” makes it appear as though the product is something that is meant to appeal to all Americans, it is possible to discern that a more specific target audience may in fact be Italian-Americans/Americans of European descent who predominantly live on the East Coast in cities like New York, Boston and Philadelphia. There are several links to this Italian heritage that we can identify within the commercial. For example, we can see that the commercial begins in Italy, after which the cars fall into the Mediterranean before presumably crossing the Atlantic and reappearing in several locations across America, notably New York,. This is obviously a reference to the voyages people from southern Italy in particular made across the Atlantic to America, but it is also probable that it is representative of Columbus’s voyage considering his Italian heritage and the fact that the company is Italian. In addition, the first car appears under Brooklyn Bridge in New York that is again suggestive of the link to Italian Americans, whilst the line “The Next Wave of Italians has come to America” is another clear link. We could say that the message of the commercial is to suggest that by buying this car, one is establishing a link to the founding of the country, both in the time of Columbus and that of later immigrants as just like them it has crossed the sea and arrived in the New World.
Beyond the Italian community, the commercial is designed to appeal to Americans in general by suggesting that people come to the New World to have ‘fun’, since the concept of entertainment is embodied in American life through elements like Hollywood, Disneyland and so on. This is one aspect of the American Dream that would appeal to all those living in the U.S.

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