Friday, 11 October 2013

French's view on Americans

How's the French view's on American? I have found an article called 'Baguette vs Burger'
which are both big stereotype of both countries.
From a historical point of view, it is apparent that there have always been tensions among the two countries. For instance U.S is well known for is percentage of obsess, in opposit France is known for 'fashion' related with skinny girls.

 When I read an article about American politic, there is the information I've found :

 69 % of French people have an opinion "favorable" to the country.
 29% of French people consider the U.S as the leading economic power in the world last year
 75% of the French have an opinion "favorable" the American people 
69% of French people think that the United States does not take much or not at all in the interests of France
 75% of French people support the effort of the United States in the fight against terrorism63 % of the French " disagree " on the other hand the use of U.S. military drone missile launchers used for example in Pakistan and Yemen. Right, they are 49 % to support the strike , 32 % in the center , and only 26% left.
 69% of the French say they have " confidence " in Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State. Against 31% who do not " trust " .

 There are  86% of the French say they have "confidence" in the current President of the United States.
They were 91% believe in Barack Obama in 2009 and 13% have "confidence" in his predecessor George W. Bush 2008

When I was doing my research about what does french people think about Americans and American polities, I have found a lot of pages and results about 'war' between Americans and French. For example I was really interested about an article called 'The more France going to war that America'
Most of the results I have found were related to either stereotypes between both nation or either about political issues. (most recent about east countries : Syria..)

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