Thursday, 17 October 2013

Settlers on natives

I chose this particular text because it has multiple accounts from multiple settlers in America on the Native Americans that they came across when they took over America.  The accounts that these people have written about the Native Americans have shown  these citizens in bright light. One of the accounts was written by a   Francis Daniel Pastourious who was the first German settler in Pennsylvania they wrote about the good qualities that they found about the Native Americans’ about how open their homes were and they also talked about some of the things that the native Americans did at that percific time. Some of the native Americans would cover their children in Grease and they would have to creep about the sun so that their skin colour would be the same colour as a nut. So what happened over the years to make European Americans’ to think that natives were equally to them later on in the future locking them up in reservations. Each one of the accounts on this web page took a look at a different aspect of a native Americans side one of the accounts dealt with the natives learning how to speak English, why is it that we have it drilled into our head that native americans cannot speak English when we walk around them constantly so eventually they would pick up our language learning it slowly. Another account that put the native americans in such a good light was john Lawson who alter on in life was actually killed in a war by some Indians. John Lawson believe that the native Americans treated the settlers a lot better than the Americans treated them, this guy who was killed by Indians it is ironic to think how well he thought of the Indians going into detail about how the Americans thought of them as slaves. This is why I choose this website to show the native Americans in a good light

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