Thursday, 10 October 2013

japan and america.

The first written mention of japan is in China’s history books in the 1st century. Japan also just so happens to be the third largest economy in the world after china and the united states.  There is estimated  127.3 billion people, which is understandable to why they come third on the richest country. The first website I looked at was very informal, it was a form so anyone could write on it but it was useful in the way that it criticised America from japans views. The majority of japan  do appreciate American, but the people that do appreciate America are the younger generation as the older generation can’t stand any other culture but there own. The thing with America and japan is that the younger generation of Japanese want to have a lot of American culture in there culture.The japaneese people have started to see Obama slip in specific issues. For another country to care who is in charge of the united states is very bizarre. The thing is they used to believe in Obama but in 2009 that was when there hopes for Obama began to slip. The japaneese use to think that Obama was a good choice but he failed to live up to there expectations which was why he slipped a few points.  Japan only had 74% confidence in his leadership which is good since in increased since 2008,  but between 2008-2012 the country lost faith in Obama. Japaneese have faith in obama’s international affairs which majority countries do that isn’t America. Japan in china’s eyes in a country that should hate America because in world war 2 they dropped atomic bombs on them but japan is on friendly terms with America Politically and socially which surprised china.  The news article is found in japan which is based on the war between America and japan so it puts on a bad light for America as it’s a world war 2.  Even though the government of japan may get on with american's politics only on a friendly basis the citzens of japan actually appreciate america which is why there mcdonalds trailers are mainstreaming in every country including countries that don't understand japanese.                                  

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