Thursday, 31 October 2013

Letters from an american farmer

In  letter  three   Crevecoeur says  “The next wish of this traveler will be, to know whence came all these people? They are a mixture of English, Scottish, Irish, French, Dutch, Germans and swedes”  I  choose  this particular  line  from  the new american chapter of the book because of its relevance if we think about it no one is really American. The pilgrims that came over to America were European and they were the first Americans the only true Americans are the native Americans because they were originally on the land. Now a days no one is really American there are a lot of languages that mix in America like for example the image I picked is a famous TV show presenter who lives in America yet he is Scottish and you can still hear the Scottish side in him after all the years he has lived in America. The picture is took from the late night show with Craig Ferguson . The people of America automatically class as themselves as American because of where they lived but history shows that Americans are not Americans just like the Mexicans arnt Mexicans. They have just come up with this little theory themselves because of the country they live in.  But if they speak french or actually English how does this not make them american? Does it not mean if you have lived in a certain country for so long that you can class yourself as american, no this not what crovecour point was his point was that every american has a heritage from different languages in Europe.

This photo was taken off google from the show "the late night show with crag Ferguson" 

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