Thursday, 21 November 2013

Anti vs Pro

I choose to discuss the anti gun control arguments that is found on the progressive cynic website. This site is used  too find particular  articles, and there is an article on anti gun control. There is a comic like  picture that is used at the top of the web page and the person holding the gun kinda looks like what death would look like. This could by symbolism for maybe that owning a gun will only cause nothing but death to the person who owns the gun but if we read it does go to agree with the amendments so why is the character with the gun still looking like death if this is meant to be an anti gun website? This article that is written is very formal and constantly looks back at the amendment for gun control and how it affects the anti gun control believers. The article is full of facts like the fact between 2007-2011 there was over 46,000 people killed by firearms. Yet guns are still legal how much effort will the anti gun control societies have to fight to get rid of the gun amendment like England has or countless other countries who do not have the rights to own a gun.

Pro gun control

For pro gun I chose the NRA official website. NRA, this stands for National rifle association. Just in the name you can tell that they are for guns.   I thought this was a really good example of pro guns because of the fact that they are in fact a association that goes hunting and trains people in the area of firearm training. Although the training is useful for area’s like police no one else should really be allowed to have the right to train because they do not need it, hunting doesn’t have to happen that is a choice just like it’s a choice for the criminals who own a gun to shoot people.  The NRA organisation was founded in 1871 and its objective is to promote the use of firearms.  The NRA is one of America’s biggest organisations in safety firearms and training programme’s for the police.  This website has a lot more things going on for it than the first one which  might attract the audience. 

No matter what side you look at this argument there will be an answer. If your anti gun control you against the school shootings and the amount of murders that happen per year in american as well as being against the police firearm training that police would have to go through but how would it be okay for them to have a gun and not the rest of the citizens to not be able to protect there homes.. But then if you are pro you are against firearms altogether and even though this may  be the right thing to be it's not always as simple as that as it causes alot of problems like the police not being able to protect themselves on the street. 

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