Thursday, 14 November 2013

Currier and Ives

This is a painting of a home on the Mississippi made by Currier and Ives. This painting was made in 1837. In this painting there is no seeing of any kind of native american's so they have removed them obviously, so they could build on there land. The reason for there not being any native Americans is because round the time this painting was made the native american's were forced to live on reservations so the Americans were able to change america into a more living country and destroying all of the native american's resources like there Bison and removing them from claiming the Mississippi as a place for one of the many tribes to live. This painting is also proof that the american's actually manifested there ideas of homes rather quickly giving the century that this made in. Although there is no native Americans there are some black people standing by the fence which is just showing that maybe slavery for the blacks are fading even if they are not equal in the white Americans eye they have come along way to even be looked upon as people on a painting made in a rather racist era of time. 

Currier and Ives was a successful printmaking company, the company was controlled by Nathaniel Currier. It was based in New York between 1837-1907. The reason for the company being called Currier and ives was because of Nathaniel Currier move to partner with Ives, but ives didn't start appearing until 1857. But that same year that Currier joined ives company, Currier made ives a full partner

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