Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Texan Election Adverts, Hard work and family all around?

Traditionally America was seen as a place where people went to work hard and raise a perfect family, as the centuries have passed these core ideas still live within the very foundations of everything American especially politics. These core values are seen through the constitution and onwards,  a man may own his own land and work for himself. A state which holds dearly onto the core values of  eighteenth century America is Texas, a state which is famous for confederacy and strict ideals about nuclear families, homosexuality, immigration and hard work so it came to no surprise to me that there is a bank of videos on YouTube of election videos that hold very similar views on how the state should be run. A few key concepts that interested me was their desire to show cowboys within their campaigns, constant mentions of 'wilderness' and 'land' and a strong theme of working. American politics was founded on protecting those that would work and protect the land and not take too much from it. The campaigns of Texas have a recurring message which lies in the very core values of the Constitution of the United States, it has always been a state which has been famous for being 'backward' in their views and has gripped on to the America that used to be and in the two videos I have seen these views seem to hold strong. Work hard for the government and the government will work hard for you.
Another common yet surprising theme throughout these political campaigns is a strong sense of family and pride for heritage, America is a proud country founded on strong bonds of ownerships and allowing their children to have a better life than themselves and politically both the state of Texas and the US in general provide a strong sense of family beliefs. For example making thanksgiving a Public holiday, an event which is politically very definitive in American history is displayed and acted out through one of the few days a year a family will spend time close together to celebrate American ideals of pride and family. This idea of family is clearly seen through Texan campaigns very clearly showing that hard work paves the way for the future of their families and country. This source is a video from 1985, it shows a man with his grandchildren asking the voters if in twenty years the wilderness and land will still be their for his children/grandchildren to appreciate. This holds the strong view of family and togetherness running through the American government. Twenty five years on and the same core values of family and land and work are expressed as an importance. This is a 2010 video looking into the past to show the absolute importance of working hard, is this video answering the original video's question with a positive that Texas still values the original ideas of the founders of the US, the Constitution of the US and still thrives on the core beliefs holiday America together. Hard work and family.

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