Thursday, 7 November 2013

Obama Campaign

I choose the advertisement that Barack Obama did for the election of 2012.  America has been known for many things over the years. The important things that they are known for are there soldiers, their tax that they have to pay and the fact that they are hard working. But the problem Americans had before Obama was voted as the president for the first time was the fact that the scale in jobs had dropped a large amount so a lot of americans were out of jobs leaving some of americans not to be able to live up to that hard working name that they had.  The thre important things were also mentioned in obama’s commercial ad for his campaign when he was running to be president in 2012.

America has also be known for hard workers and when America had lost it jobs Obama was able to help the citizens of America by risen the jobs by 5.2 million. When Obama stayed to his word to increase the level of jobs this meant that Americans would have in faith in him for the second round when he was campaigning. There is more of a chance to vote for the same person if they have kept to their word the first time around.  If we were to compare the two campaigns for that year between Romney and Obama, you can see that Obama defiantly fits the Fedalists category since he wants best for the people by wanting to bring soldiers home and ending war which could only mean one thing that Romney could possible be an anti Fedalists since in the first minute of his campaign he is pointing out the flaws of Obamas plan to be president.  Romneys campaign video could’ve potentially ruined Obamas chance to become president. But this didn’t because of all the things that Obama had promised reached out to the citizens like ending the war and making the wealthy pay more tax which would mean that Obamas plan could also help the poor of America, the people who are too sick to work.  But with Obama winning the election for the second time it ends the era for the racial politics. Allowing America to have their first black president shows how far America has come considering they had black African slaves shipped over to America. Also the fact that America went through a racist era which meant black people weren’t entitled to do a lot of things especially not run for president.  America is still racist and sexist and some parts of it still do not allow gay marriage but when Obama became president the first time around he was out to change that and began to help get it legal in a few states more than it already was.  

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